Greensleeves Care homes

Personal care at Greensleeves CareGreensleeves Care homes are all quite different from each other and do not follow a standard template.  Some of our homes appear quite grand, while others are more modern, bespoke buildings. We do not have the same style of home across the country with the same interior designs.  The reason for this is simple, we want our reputation to be built on amazing care and happy residents.  We do not build our reputation on a standard brand created in a far away head office.

Our care homes frequently win national and regional awards for the quality of care they provide. In February 2018, Greensleeves Care was awarded ‘Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group 2018‘ by a leading online care directory  We were also named as the Best Charity Care organisation by Which?

Exceptional care

When we complete a renovation or extension or improve any of our homes the first people we talk to are the residents.  They not only give their opinion; often if there are ex-professional designers or builders they get actively involved in the whole project.  We remember this is their home, therefore we respect that and we consult appropriately. One thing you will get in every home across the country is exceptional care, loving care teams and respectful management.  You will be looked after in the way you want to be looked after and you will be encouraged to maintain or even regain your independence.

There is one thing that is guaranteed as standard at every Greensleeves Care home: the same feel and the positive atmosphere that greets you as you walk in. It is unmistakable and it emanates from the people around you – both the staff and the residents. This, we profoundly believe, is the sign of an authentic, caring environment.