Residential Care

Knowing whether you need Nursing Care or Residential Care is often a difficult question to answer.  This is made more difficult because there is no definitive and universally accepted definition of either type of care.  But, there are a few simple themes that you should consider when deciding which one is most appropriate for you or your loved one.

First of all the Residential Care Homes are now officially called Care Homes and Nursing Homes are officially called Care Homes with Nursing.

What is Residential Care?

Almost all care, whatever type of home you are in, is generally delivered by a Carer, not a Trained Nurse.  Nurses only carry out the most clinical of interventions spending much of their time completing paperwork or managing the team.  A Care Assistant provides help with washing, dressing, support with meals and medication or assistance going to the toilet. Both types of Care Homes support all of these different needs.

Often residents living in a Care Home temporarily need greater input from a Trained Nurse.  Rather than move them to a Care Home with Nursing, District Nurses will support them directly by visiting the Come Home.  Examples include assistance with complex dressings, medication by injection or catheter management.  If this complex care need became more permanent then a Care Home with Nursing may then be the best place to live.

Which home is right for you?

Quality CareSo, for the vast majority of people that need to move into Care the right option is a Care Home.  Care Homes with Nursing are more expensive, activities more focused on residents with higher needs and fellow residents may be more unwell.

If your primary driver for choosing care is support to stay independent a Care Home may be the best place.  However, if you have complex needs that can only be managed by a Trained Nurse you should consider a Care Home with Nursing.

Still unsure about which type of care is best for you?

Search for your closest Greensleeves Care home, give them a call and speak to the Manager.  They will be delighted to give you some impartial advice based upon your unique circumstances.

Remember we are a charity we do not worry about making a profit but we do worry about making a difference.  You can rely on us to do our best to help.