Dementia Care at Greensleeves Care

Quality CareGreensleeves Care is proud of its commitment to promoting and maintaining active lives for all of our residents in all of our homes.  We deliver personalised care focused on maintaining the independence and well-being of each resident.  Greensleeves Care also believes that our resident’s families and friends are an essential element of their happiness and well-being. We want people in our care to feel supported, valued and confident.  Our dementia care aims to maintain a person’s uniqueness throughout the challenges they face.

Everyone is an individual

Every person is different with their individual history, memories, experiences, feelings, values, likes and dislikes. Our staff plan care and support around this life history. It is a valuable part of supporting our residents in a holistic way and planning for active lives. The story of anyone’s life is an on-going process. The resident, their family and staff grow together throughout. We strengthen relationships with day-to-day contact, verbal, visual, touch and through reminiscence. The information received is precious in refining the plan of care.

Greensleeves Care staff search for creative ways for residents to contribute to their own care and the wider life in their home. They strive to enable them to make meaningful use of their time, especially when not involved in group activities. This means identifying as many opportunities as possible for the residents to engage in normal life.  At Greensleeves Care, we know that the day before a resident moves into a Care Home they can almost manage.  So we don’t do everything for them the day after they move in.

Examples of positive daily tasks they may be involved in include:

  • Helping set the tables for dinner
  • Supporting us with Housekeeping
  • Helping out in the laundry
  • Answering the phone on reception
  • Interviewing new staff
  • Assisting the landscaping team with the gardening

We also know that helping and caring for people with dementia is a specialised skill and requires staff to have patience and compassion in abundance.

Dementia Specialist Training

All staff at Greensleeves Care complete this ground-breaking and industry leading training programme. We deliver it with our in-house training team in highly structured and informative face-to-face sessions.  Greensleeves Care do not do any e-learning or on-line dementia programmes.  We don’t believe these give our dedicated teams the insight, knowledge or understanding required to support people living with dementia.

Quite simply we think our residents deserve better!

Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour is a ground breaking and life changing immersive training session. It gives our care teams a genuine insight into what living with dementia is really like.  Greensleeves Care is one of only a handful of organisations that has been certified trainers to deliver this training. And we believe that it really sets our dementia care apart!

Please look at the following video to get more insight into the Virtual Dementia Tour. Dementia Virtual Tour introduction video.

Dementia Awareness

Another course that develops, challenges and educates our carers enabling them to deliver the very best possible dementia care. It contains an element of theory, such as what causes dementia and what the symptoms are. We then develop this theory allowing our teams to understand the daily challenges our residents face much better.  Finally, it helps them understand interventions and techniques that help support residents to live happier, more fulfilling and positive lives.

Behaviours that Challenge

We believe that the unmet needs of our resident which they cannot communicate to us cause “challenging behaviours”.  This course helps the care team understand why residents act in certain ways and how we can spot things early.  It gives the care team the confidence to intervene before fear and frustration takes over.  This helps keep our residents happy, calm and content.

Dementia Friends

Greensleeves Care is an active supporter of the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends programme and our “Dementia Champions”. We have trained well over 1,200 dementia friends and continue to add more to this total every month.

Want to find out more about Greensleeves Dementia Care?

Search for your closest Greensleeves Care home, give them a call and speak to the Manager.  They will be delighted to give you some impartial advice based upon your unique circumstances.

Remember we are a charity we do not worry about making a profit but we do worry about making a difference.  You can rely on us to do our best to help.