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Excellent Residential and Dementia Care in Rickmansworth

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Clarendon Lodge is a brand new care home in Rickmansworth designed with residents in mind. It has a range of outstanding features and facilities not available anywhere else.  It provides exceptional Residential and Dementia care to the older people of the Three Rivers area.

The whole home is situated across a single floor, meaning there is no stairs for the residents to climb, providing an exceptional tailor made environment that is perfect for older people.  The home benefits from two beautiful courtyard gardens that provide safe access to outdoor space for our residents which they can enjoy in all seasons without fear of getting lost.

Because all bedrooms are on the ground floor and most of them have private access into these gardens, our residents enjoy a completely unique living experience that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  If you are considering residential care for a loved one you are strongly advised to visit Clarendon Lodge.

Clarendon Lodge is part of Greensleeves Care, a highly respected charity that provides a “Home for Life Promise”, which means we never ask anybody to leave if they run out of money.  Call us and ask for more details about this promise.

Clarendon Lodge is a stunning home that charms people with its combination of quality and class whilst still maintaining a real feel of warmth and homeliness.  First time visitors always fall in love with the home because it is a beautiful place to live that just doesn’t feel like a hotel.  The bedrooms are spacious, comfortable and beautifully furnished in a style that appeals to our residents.  All rooms have personal en-suite wet rooms giving freedom and convenience.

This puts Clarendon Lodge in a unique position locally as the only recently newly purpose built care home in the local area.  With this comes the best possible care, great activities and a super quality of life combined with the stunning building and facilities only available in a brand new purpose built care home.

Our families derive a great deal of confidence from knowing we are a charity meaning that all care fees are reinvested into making our resident’s lives positive and that we will honour our “Home for Life Promise”.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have not yet inspected Clarendon Lodge Care Home.  This is not unusual because most homes are not inspected in the first 12 months to 18 months after opening.  Instead the CQC “keep an eye” on all new homes to make sure the home is a happy and safe place to live.

Impartial Advice and Guidance

We are on hand to help you understand if  Clarendon Lodge is the right place for you and your loved one.  If not, for whatever reason, we are happy to tell you where may be more suitable for you.  Please call Kim on 01923 953009.

Choosing a Care Home is a difficult job and one that needs a good understanding of all of your options, what financial support is out there and even if you need a Care Home at all.  Because we are a charity we consider it our duty to help people with these challenges.

Proud to be a “home from home” not a hotel

At Clarendon Lodge we are really proud that our beautiful Care Home is not just a hotel but a beautiful home for our residents.  Each bedroom is spacious, beautifully furnished and comes with its private en-suite wet room.  The home interior is stunning, comfortable and inspiring.  But, it is not the interiors that make Clarendon Lodge so special it is the people, the care team and your fellow residents.  Our residents feel comfortable here knowing their home is comfortable and homely not a hotel where they cannot relax.

Looking around our home from the comfort of yours.

We understand how big a decision moving into a Care Homes is, so we have made sure we can give you as much information as possible.  We are the only care home company in the country that can provide a full virtual show round hosted by our knowledgeable team that can answer your questions as you look round.  Why not make contact and arrange a virtual visit with Kim or have a quick peak below first and then call her and ask all your questions.

 Clarendon Lodge is admitting new residents

Clarendon Lodge Care Home is admitting new residents into our lovely homely community, we Henley House garden sideare doing so in a very sensible, safe and equitable way putting the safety of our existing residents, the new residents and the wider home community at the forefront of all we do.  As you would expect from one of the UK’s most respected care charities we have some very clear protocols and guidance surrounding the admittance process, which you can find out all about by reading our admissions policy

If you would like to know more about our admissions policy or want to talk to Kim about finding out more about Clarendon Lodget why not email her at or call her on 01923953009.

Compassionate and professional care

Nursing Care

The manager is a very experienced and highly respected and she is really proud to lead her settled and professional team. The staff are proud of supporting older people to live the best possible lives irrespective of any diagnosed condition or any associated limitations.

We believe that everybody is an individual with a rich history and a wealth of life experience. The team use this belief to really get to know each resident.  This allows us to support and care for them exactly how they would wish to be cared for.

Clarendon Lodge is built in the grounds of Croxley House, a previous Greensleeves Home that shut its doors for the last time in January 2021.  Unfortunately, in its final few weeks Croxley House was impacted by the global Covid-19 pandemic and they lost a number of their beloved residents.

Because the old home is no longer with us, Greensleeves Care created a Memorial Garden in the grounds of Clarendon Lodge as a permanent reminder for those departed residents.  This Memorial Garden can be visited virtually by clicking on the link or loved ones can come along and pay their resects in person if they would prefer.

Clarendon Lodge is part of Greensleeves Care – the number one care charity in England according to Which? Most of the people who meet us want to find out more about what it means for us to be a care charity   They also want to know more about our values.

If you are looking for a care home that puts the residents first and does all it can to make this chapter of their lives special, fun and positive.  Then call us at Clarendon Lodge now and find out what makes it so special.

For care enquiries please contact Kim Mears on 01923953009..

For job enquiries please speak to a member of HR team on
020 7793 1122.