Sevenoaks’ Specialist Nursing Home

Gloucester House Nursing Home in Sevenoaks is an exceptional Nursing Home that delivers the best possible Nursing Care in the area. It is very well respected by local health care professionals and widely considered to be Sevenoaks’ specialist Nursing Home

The residents are all very happy and content, but above all receive highly skilled nursing care delivered by a kind, compassionate and loving team of professionals. We believe that older people being supported with Nursing Care should enjoy this chapter of their lives.  Which should be positive, happy and be lived with a genuine purpose.

Gloucetser House is admitting new residents

Gloucester House Nursing Home is admitting new residents into our lovely homely community, we are doing so in a very sensible, safe and equitable way putting the safety of our existing residents, the new residents and the wider home community at the forefront of all we do.  As you would expect from one of the UK’s most respected Care Charities we have some very clear protocols and guidance surrounding the admittance process, which you can find out all about by reading our admissions policy

Happy and fulfilling life for the residents

Gloucester HouseWe believe that being older does not change the wish, or right, to live a happy and fulfilling life and reside in a place where you can be supported to be as independent as possible.  We understand that it is not the same as living at home.  But, we try and make it as positive an experience as it can possibly be.

Many of our residents need support with their mobility, but that doesn’t impact their desire to make their own decisions and we fully support them to do this. That is the benefit of a specialist Nursing Home that focuses on supporting our resident’s physical needs whilst ensuring they retain independence and personal control of their care.

Our Home Manager, Bethany Powley, believes passionately that the residents she and her team serve are the most important thing in the world.  Also, their families can see from the way the care team look after their loved ones every minute of every day that this is true.  Bethany is an excellent Home Manager that genuinely focuses first and foremost on her residents and their families.

Exceptional Nursing Skills

Gloucester House is an exceptional Nursing Home that provides highly skilled nursing care and delivers excellent results for our residents. The manager and deputy manager both have extensive experience working in the community, as district nurses, which proved an excellent way to build and develop the skills that really sets this home apart.

They recruit only the best, most caring and most dedicated Nurses to join their team and this really shows in the resident’s well being and life outcomes. The team is then supported with outstanding training and clinical development, that provides the skills and expertise that helps keep residents out of hospital unnecessarily.

If you are or a loved one is in need of Nursing Care you should defiantly visit Gloucester House to see if you would be best served by a specialist Nursing Home rather than one that provides a range of different services.

Calming and caring feel

The home has a calming and caring feel that you sense from the first minute that you walk in and just notice more and more as you spend time there.  Visitors are always commenting how happy and content the residents are, how welcoming the staff are and how relaxed they feel not just when they walk into the home but crucially when they walk away at the end of a visit.

Specialist Nursing Home

Jo has personally recruited every member of her loving and caring team and she selected them for their nature, their personality and their desire to really care for and support their residents.  We believe that our residents are central to the running of the home and are involved in all of the important decisions about how the home is managed.

We feel, as guests in our residents’ home, we should support them to decide how they wish to live their lives so we have various committees, meetings and groups that decide on menus, activity plans, refurbishment plans and all other key changes we make.  Our residents even support the home manager with recruitment by sitting in on interviews for new staff.

Gloucester House is a lovely purpose-built home that has recently benefited from a complete refurbishment which has created a beautiful and comfortable place to live.  The bedrooms are spacious, comfortable and beautifully furnished.  Additionally, as you would expect, every bedroom has an en-suite wet room.

Excellent range of facilities

Gloucester HouseIn addition to the comfortable bedrooms, the home benefits from an excellent choice of communal facilities including several lounges, a spacious dining room, a hair and beauty salon, a library, physio room, coffee bar and lovely gardens.  The home even grows some of its own vegetables and keeps its own free-range chickens that supply eggs for breakfast.

The 48-bed home is made up of 4 completely self-contained “villages” each with its own facilities and services and dedicated highly trained staff.  This allows us to provide a range of specialist care to our residents in like-minded groups who are at similar stages on their journey.

Gloucester House Nursing Home in Sevenoaks is managed by Greensleeves Care, one of the best and most respected care charities in the country. If you are looking for Nursing Care in the Sevenoaks area, we highly recommended that you arrange a visit to Gloucester House and find out just how good Nursing Care can be. To find out more about Gloucester House and to book a visit, please call Andrew Wilson on 01732 920011.