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Care home in Barnes, Richmond

Viera Gray House Care Home in Barnes, Richmond, is one of the most homely, friendliest and most welcoming care homes in the Borough.  Our ethos of care and inclusion of our residents is one of the things that really sets us apart and one of the features of the home our residents and their families love the most.  It is rated “Good” in all elements by the Care Quality Commission, but there is so much more to the home than just this.  So if you want a home for your loved one where you are going to feel like part of a big family then you simply have to visit us and see what makes us so different.

Viera Gray is admitting new residents

Viera Gray Care Home is admitting new residents into our lovely homely community, we are doing so in a very sensible, safe and equitable way putting the safety of our existing residents, the new residents and the wider home community at the forefront of all we do.  As you would expect from one of the UK’s most respected Care Charities we have some very clear protocols and guidance surrounding the admittance process, which you can find out all about by reading our admissions policy

Great atmosphere

Viera Gray House careAs soon as you walk into Viera Gray you realise that it is a little bit different to the other care homes you have seen.  The residents are a bit happier and the families just a bit more relaxed about how their loved ones are cared for.  The staff just get it!  They instinctively understand how difficult it is for anybody that has to choose a care home for their loved ones and we try to make the process as easy as possible.  We believe that the minimum starting point for our residents is that they remain happy and enjoy this chapter of their lives.

We believe that being an older person and becoming frailer or living with dementia does not remove your desire to be happy.  We also believe that as people get older they want to maintain their independence and to continue to choose how they live their lives.  So we focus all of our efforts to help our residents stay independent, make their own decisions and live their lives the way they want to live them.

We realise that living in a care home it is not the same as staying in your family home.  But, if you are looking for a care home where your loved one comes first then Viera Gray House may be for you.

Our Home Manager, Eleanor, is a passionate and dedicated person who instills confidence and a sense of calm in everybody around her.  She has a delightful ethos of care which her team are delivering each day as they strive to make Viera Gray the best care home in the area.  Her motivation is all about the residents and about helping them maintain a positive and meaningful life.

She believes that after people move into Viera Gray House, they and their families should continue to be fully involved in the care and support they receive.  That means planning their daily routine, agreeing what time they would like to get up/go to bed and how they like to be cared for.  Viera Gray is such a happy and positive place our resident’s friends and families really enjoy spending time in the home.

Viera Gray HouseThe home is such a caring and welcoming place, something that you feel from the moment you walk in.  Visitors always say how happy the residents are and how relaxed they feel not just when they walk into the home but crucially when they go home after visiting their loved ones.

She also believes passionately that our residents and their families are involved in all the important decisions about the home.  That is why we have residents and families on every committee meeting and decision group ensuring that their wishes are properly represented.  A great example is how involved they were in the colour schemes and designs for our recent refurbishment.

Viera Gray HouseViera Gray House is purpose built and really homely and comfortable, providing the residents a relaxing home to live.  The bedrooms are large and comfortable and come nicely furnished in a style that suits our residents.  There is also a surprisingly large amount of communal space, providing a huge choice on where to spend your day.  If you would like to join your fellow residents in the fun and meaningful activity plan you can, but if you prefer a quiet meeting with your family and friends we also have plenty of space for that.

The home is also blessed with a fantastic “secret garden”, that just surprises everybody that visits the home, they are just not expecting anything so nice in the centre of Barnes Village.  They have been rated “Good” by the Care Quality Commission in all categories which is thoroughly deserved and reflects what an excellent resident focused home it is.

Viera Gray HouseViera Gray House provides residential care, sometimes called elderly frail care and specialist dementia care in separate parts of the home.  Each area is self-contained with its own bedrooms, bathroom, dining room and lounges.

Viera Gray House in Barnes, Richmond, is managed by Greensleeves Care, one of the best and most respected care charities in the country.  So if you are looking for exceptional care for somebody you love in the local area, we highly recommended that you arrange a visit and find out just how good residential and dementia care can be.

To find out more about Viera Gray  House and to book a visit, please call Eleanor or one of her team on 020 8016 2144.

Our Manager Eleanor