Greensleeves Care Trustees

Helping with the governance of Greensleeves Care is an exceptional Board of Trustees. Working hand in hand with the Executive Team, the Trustees ensure we deliver on of all our charitable objectives. The Trustees bring a wealth of experience, sense of wisdom, personal values, ethos and beliefs that every Greensleeves Care resident and team member benefits from.

With specific skills and experience that include property, HR, surveying and nursing, the Trustees provide a different perspective that is vital to our success. This skill set, along with experience and expertise from a wide range of industries, combine to give Greensleeves Care real value from our Trustees.

The current Board of Trustees at Greensleeves Care:

  • Dallas Pounds (Chair)
  • Maria Townson (Vice Chair)
  • Dennis Bryan
  • Kim Davies
  • Mark Foster
  • Des Kelly OBE
  • Angela Morris
  • Mark Shaha
  • Charles Spence
  • Andrea Willimott.

The job of our Trustees is to:

  • Further the Greensleeves Care overall purpose as set out in our governing document.  They also agree and set out the long-term direction and strategy we work towards.
  • Ensure that the work Greensleeves Care engages in is effective, responsible and legal. For example, by agreeing policies, procedures and systems as presented by the Executive Team.
  • Help safeguard finances, resources and property and ensure that all of these are all used to further the charity’s main purposes. Examples include insuring and documenting assets, maintaining financial systems and monitoring income and expenditure.
  • Ensure the charity is financially sustainable and viable in the short, medium and long-term.
  • Agree the content and style of annual reports and accounts and consult with all stakeholders.
  • Work in partnership with Executive Team and other Trust staff to make the charity work.
  • Ensure the board operates effectively – by making sure it receives the right reports, data and advice.

As is the case with other charities, our Trustees are not paid for their hard work or their time; rather they do it to help make the world a better place.  Find out more about the duties of a Trustee.