Greensleeves Care – the care charity

Respite CareGreensleeves Care is a care charity formed to help older people live happier, independent and more fulfilled lives. Being a care charity makes a big difference because we do not have to compromise our care quality for profits. We focus all our efforts on our residents whom we serve with great pride. We have no shareholders to consider, no dividends to pay and no financial paymasters to worry about.

Most care organisations try to do their best for the older people that live with them. But they have to balance all of their stakeholders’ interests; which in most cases includes investors and shareholders. This means there is an inevitable balance between making a profit and looking after their residents.

We do not have to live with that compromise. Instead, Greensleeves Care is able to focus all of our efforts on our mission to help as many older people as possible. We are a not-for-profit organisation which means we do not and cannot generate a profit.

Financial responsibility

Of course, being a charity does not mean that we do not have financial responsibility. Nor does it mean that we do not have to run our organisation in an equitable and professional way. We have so many people relying on us for their livelihood or their care that it is vital to maintain a properly managed organisation. Indeed, as a charity, we are subject to an extra layer of scrutiny from the Charity Commission. They make sure that we do all that we need to do, that we remain focused on those we were set up to help and stay true to our ethos and values.

Each year, we aim to generate a small working surplus. We use this surplus which is used to improve our residents’ care homes. This in turn improves our residents’ quality of life. Every home makes on-going and continuous improvements. Some of these are small while others are really significant.

To find out more about how we reinvest money into our care homes please look at our Social Impact Report which is available on our Publications Page