Greensleeves Care

Personal care at Greensleeves CareGreensleeves Care has been supporting older people for more than 20 years. Our rich heritage dates back to 1997 when we acquired several care homes from the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS).

In all that time our values, ethos and the way we conduct ourselves have not faltered. These values are as important to us now as they have ever been.

Our core values:


  • We treat residents and colleagues with dignity and value their unique life experiences and personal contributions


  • We act with candour and build confidence in our intentions, behaviour and actions
  • We choose words and actions that are sincere, not misleading


  • We are committed to meet the needs of others and behave responsibly towards residents and colleagues at all times
  • We empower individuals and encourage each other to take ownership of our duties while being aware and careful of the choices we make

At Greensleeves Care, we live by the mantra ‘You’re among friends’

‘You’re among friends’ is what distinguishes us from other care providers. In our homes, there is a genuine and palpable friendship which is shared by residents, their families and colleagues. It’s normally the first thing people say about us and this friendship is noticeable from the moment you first walk into a Greensleeves Care home.

This friendship also extends beyond our care home walls and it is our mission to help as many older people as we possibly can. This obviously includes the residents living in our homes, along with their families and friends. But  it also includes many other older people that live within our local communities. As an organisation, we try and ensure that our homes are local hubs with activities that can include our neighbours and friends.

We are always happy to support and advise older people who are looking for a care solution even if they ultimately choose a different care option or care home to ours.

We want older people and their advocates to better understand the options available to them. That way they can make these really tough decisions from a position of knowledge and awareness. We commit to doing as much as we possibly can to help them find that information.

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