Living in a Care Home as a Couple

At Greensleeves Care, we pride ourselves on making sure that yours or your loved one’s transition to one of our homes is as comfortable as possible. We understand that for many people, one of the most difficult parts of this move can be leaving their partner behind.

Equally, one person within a couple might take on a caring role for their partner, but this can often be a huge responsibility that is not sustainable long-term.

Many couples make the choice to move into a care home together, whether that means sharing a room that is designed for a couple or making the choice to have separate rooms. The latter choice is often made when two people have differing care needs, and it ensures that these needs can be met, whilst allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their lives together within the home. Many couples decide to move to a care home together, even if their care needs are different, as staying together is the most important thing.

Having a couple living together in a care home can offer peace of mind to families, that both of their parents, or grandparents, are well cared for whilst being able to stay together.

Greensleeves Care homes also have a Home for Life policy, whereby if you or your loved one(s) ran out of money whilst in our care, they would never be asked to leave the home. We hope that this will ensure peace of mind when choosing a care home.

We would like to emphasise that we warmly welcome couples of all genders and sexual orientations to our homes, ensuring everybody’s right to be free of discrimination and prejudice.

Find your local Greensleeves Care home here: and feel free to get in touch to discuss availability for couples.*

Discounts are also available for couples who move into our homes together.


*subject to availability and individual location.