Care options

Greensleeves CareThere are many different types of care and many different options available to you, all at the same time. Considering all of them and understanding which option is right for your loved one can be a difficult and challenging process. Often people feel alone, unsupported and under pressure to know what to do for those they love the most. It can be very confusing to search through the technical terms and descriptions that describe different types of care. At Greensleeves Care we never forget at the heart of every care search is a vulnerable older person and a loving family member or friend trying to do the best they can.

If the person that is supporting the older person has worked in elderly care for many years, finding the right care for somebody they love can still be a terrifying prospect. If they do not have any experience in care they often don’t know where to even start.

Why talk to Greensleeves Care

Because Greensleeves Care is a charity, our focus is always on that older person and their family and friends. We don’t worry about making a profit. What we do worry about is making a difference. That is why we have created some valuable Blogs that will help you navigate this process. These will guide you through the key aspects of looking for a care home for your loved one.

If, after reading our current blogs, you find there is still something you need to know, please email a question to and we will attempt to write another blog to answer it.