Greensleeves Care – continuously improving care

Greensleeves CareImproving Care and getting better at what we do is vital to meeting the needs of a changing world. We have an ageing population, a constant drive to improve quality and an NHS under pressure. This combines with public spending cuts, higher operational costs, challenges of recruiting good staff and the, as yet, unknown, impact of Brexit.

Even without this uncertainty, we would need to continuously improve to raise standards and improve resident’s quality of life. At Greensleeves Care, we take this need to innovate extremely seriously! This is why we engage with a number of external groups to look for ways of doing things better. But we also have a number of internal think tanks with the same focus – To make what we do better.

But improving care is not just about the support and medication that residents receive; it includes every element of a resident’s day.  Find out more about our values and ethos.

Greensleeves Care Quality Improvement Groups:

  • Activities – We work tirelessly to enhance the delivery of meaningful activities and events building strong, lasting links with local communities. We look to take the resident’s day and make it better, take their expectations and exceed them.  We take what the standards others think are just achievable and we surpass them.
  • Nutrition and hydration – We aim to improve the food and drink we serve so that our residents enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, whilst improving their dining experience.
  • Dementia – We strive to join those living with dementia on their own personal journeys. We join their reality so we can maximise the quality of their lives, whilst keeping them safe. We also support families to understand the condition better so they can also be part of their loved one’s journey.
  • End of Life – We focus on improving the already excellent end-of-life care that our residents receive so that their final chapter is more positive, more dignified and more respectful and so far as possible free from pain and suffering. We also aim to make the experience as positive as possible for their loved ones so their memories of the final days are filled with joy and love not regret and sorrow.
  • Care Workers Charity – We have also enrolled Greensleeves Care into the Care Workers Charity (CWC)  We did this so we are able to support them in any way we can to help and assist our fellow health care workers at the time when they need it most.

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