Delivering quality care

Greensleeves Care’s mission is to encourage residents to thrive as individuals and employees to practise as caring professionals. This means ensuring we deliver high-quality care at all times every day.  It means being kind, caring and loving; and it also means supporting our residents to live happy, positive lives.

But this only tells a small part of the story

Quality Care

We have a responsibility to:

  • Make the life of every resident as positive as possible
  • Provide safe and comfortable care homes for our residents to live in
  • Deliver exceptional care that is respectful, dignified and personalised
  • Support residents’ families and friends through their personal journeys.

Of course, these responsibilities do not just belong to the Trust; they are owned and lived by every one of our team. Improving  quality of life for residents is the mission and responsibility of every Greensleeves Care team member.

There are many things we commit to doing but most of all we need to:

  • Recruit the best possible people
  • Train those good people as well as we can
  • Treat them well so they stay with us
  • Lead them effectively and respectfully
  • Support them to express themselves in everything they do.

New team members at Greensleeves Care complete a comprehensive training programme because great training is the foundation of great care. Our excellent training team have been fully accredited to design, deliver and assess their own accredited training programmes.

Choosing Quality Care

Quality CareWhen choosing a care home there are a number of key independent external bodies that can help you with your journey. Some, like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), directly assess care quality and resident experience through inspections. Others conduct planned programmes engaging thousands of people in order to understand their experience of care. And others drive reviews and recommendations which are independently validated to give a picture of individual homes. See Greensleeves Care CQC rating.

If you would like to know more about how Greensleeves Care recognises excellence within its teams, read more about the Greensleeves Care Awards. This is an annual event that celebrates the best of each of our care homes. It is a very popular occasion that embraces our ethos and values. There is also a page about our Industry Awards which we are also very proud of.

We aim to manage all our homes to the highest quality standard. This is why we produced Management of Complaints procedure in order to ensure full transparency and openness of how complaints are being managed.

If you would like to know more about care and how to find the right option for you please click here and read our Blogs.