Accredited training at Greensleeves Care

Training at Greensleeves CareAt Greensleeves Care, we are immensely proud of our charitable ethos. We focus totally on our residents in everything that we do every day of every year. We do this because it is the right thing to do and because we have an exceptional team that takes responsibility for delivering quality care.  We think our accredited training teams make a difference.

Recruiting a team of well-meaning, like-minded and caring individuals is achieved through a rigorous and consistent recruitment process that ensures the candidate understands what we expect and is capable of delivering these expectations. Once we have the right people in place we nurture a culture of teamwork that accentuates our values through both positive and more challenging times. Our goal is to mentor and rain well-meaning staff to achieve professionally desired outcomes.

Greensleeves Care achieves this through excellent coaching by a fantastic training team.

Why is training important?

We strongly believe in the importance of exceptional training. We have become an Accredited Trainer in our own right with our experienced and dedicated team delivering, examining and signing off completion of training to colleagues. This is a really positive step for the Trust and one that very few companies and organisations, however large, aspire to achieve.

Our training has been very well received by CQC, NHS, local authorities and a range of other statutory bodies. It gives them a great deal of confidence in our training delivery and its results. Being an Accredited Training Provider does not mean we have the opportunity to take short cuts or that we can lower our standards. Advantage Accreditation is the company we partner with and their reputation is only as good as our last session. They have ensured we meet their exacting standards with regular spot checks that enable us to improve our service.

Find out more about how we train our staff on our Training Page.