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Dementia care

Greensleeves Care’s approach to dementia care is rooted in our commitment to promote and maintain active lives; delivering care that is values driven, focused on independence and the well-being of each resident and their families. We want people in our care to feel supported, valued and socially confident. The aim of our dementia care is to maintain a person’s uniqueness throughout the challenges they face.

Every person is different with their individual history, memories, experiences, feelings, values, likes and dislikes. Our staff plan care and support around this life history. It is a valuable part of supporting our residents in a holistic way and planning for active lives. The story of anyone’s life is an ongoing process. The resident, their family and staff grow together throughout. These relationships are strengthened by day to day contact, verbal, visual, touch and through reminiscence. The information received is precious in refining the plan of care.

We know the value and importance of having the right staff to look after our residents’ welfare – see Our Care section.

We also know that helping and caring for people with dementia is a specialised skill and requires staff who are not only highly trained but also have patience and compassion in abundance.

Greensleeves Care staff know that they must find creative ways in which a resident can contribute to their own care and the life of their home so that they are enabled to make more meaningful use of their time when they are not involved in group activities. This means identifying as many opportunities as possible in which, with the right support, residents continue to use existing abilities to do the things that are often taken for granted.

The value of activity

There are many therapeutic activities on offer in our homes, serving a variety of purposes. Generally aim of these activities to bring individual residents to their maximum level of ability and independence, and to make their days more enjoyable. Staff recognise and take into account that residents have very different therapeutic, recreational, social and leisure needs. Therefore activities are based around each individual’s preferences. In all cases we take great care to keep close contact with relatives in order to understand the resident’s life story, and provide the most appropriate and meaningful support for their loved one.


Our approach to the importance of mealtimes is outlined in Our Care summary above.

The importance of a delicious and well balanced menu cannot be overstated in terms of its positive impact on wellbeing. We are mindful of the need for gentle prompting to ensure that residents with memory loss stay hydrated and are maintaining a healthy food intake.