Update as at 5 May 2020

Dear Friend of Greensleeves Care

Firstly, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and well during these challenging times.

As you would expect our primary focus is keeping our residents safe and well, ensuring that we do everything we can to protect them whilst continuing to provide exceptional care in a positive atmosphere.  Balancing mental wellbeing whilst shielding our residents from Covid-19 is a continuous challenge which we only manage due to the exceptional dedication of our care home managers and their amazing teams.

There is a great deal of negative coverage about care homes in the media at the moment which will only serve to heighten the anxiety of everybody involved, but this is not a fair reflection of the reality in care homes across the country.  Care teams are turning up to work every day and putting the needs of their residents ahead of their own worries and concerns and are delivering an outstanding level of care.  We are incredibly proud of them, and are constantly humbled by their dedication to our residents in what are challenging times.

There is also a great deal of coverage about PPE shortage at the moment but we would like to reassure you that despite the well documented challenges in procuring PPE we have good stock levels and a robust supply line.  At every stage of our response to the pandemic we have had sufficient PPE to follow all appropriate guidelines and use whatever volume of PPE was appropriate.

We have never had to compromise on its use or ration it, and despite having enough supplies to cover any anticipated situation we continue to source further supplies to guarantee we continue to do everything necessary to keep our staff and residents safe into the future.

Recently the government guidelines on use of PPE in care homes changed, as such all our staff wear a face mask at all times in our care homes.  This is the minimum even when in a home that has nobody displaying any symptoms, we have found that our residents find this precaution very reassuring.

The guidance around the use of testing has also recently changed, we are now in a position to request testing for any of our staff or their families if we require it.  This change has seen many staff members who were previously self-Isolating return to work to support our residents.

We are also now able to widely test our residents if we need to, and this has helped to reassure many people that the symptoms they were displaying were for other conditions allowing appropriate treatment to be given.

In some cases Covid-19 has been confirmed, at which point we know what we are dealing with and again the correct and appropriate treatment can be offered to that resident.  In all cases, suspected or confirmed, we follow to the letter all relevant infection control policies and procedures.

We screen all of our residents and staff members for Covid-19 by taking their temperatures as a minimum twice per day and also by observing them for other coronavirus related symptoms.  If we identify evidence of a high temperature or other indicator we take immediate action.  Residents will begin self-isolating in their rooms and staff members will go home, a test will immediately be arranged.

At this time we continue to follow government guidance and limit non-essential visits to the homes to shield our residents.  We know that this does cause some distress with families and friends of our residents but on the whole people understand this and are reassured by these sensible precautions.

Greensleeves Care

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