Covid-19 – Keeping safe in Greensleeves Care Homes

We all know how the Coronavirus has impacted on everything right across the globe, it has brought a great deal of worry, it has changed what people do on a daily basis and it has impacted significantly on the decisions people make.  We at Greensleeves Care understand how worried people will be about the virus and how it has affected care homes.  We have put together a small COVID-19 booklet to help explain the basic details about COVID-19  to help people better understand the virus.

The first thing to say is there was a great deal of coverage about care homes in the news, much of it not very positive, these stories were in many cases the worst situation across the whole country and the 100’s thousands of care homes supporting older people and were not representative of the industry as a whole.

For example most care homes had plenty of PPE throughout the entirety of the pandemic so far and never looked like running out, watch our video for more information.

But, we know it is more than just PPE that people have questions about, they also want to know if care homes are safe for new residents to move into.  We have put a small booklet together to explain what Greensleeves Care does to keep the residents safe, it won’t take long for you to read but provides a lot of information quickly.

We have also put together a Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page .