Speirs House in New Malden, has been awarded the Top 20 Care Home in London accolade from the leading care directory carehome.co.uk. The care home with nursing is also one of only three homes on the list that are operated by non-profit providers.

The award is based on the home’s overall score out of 10, which is made up of its individual review scores. Speirs House currently has an overall score of 9.9.

Reviews are submitted by residents and their families, and cannot be edited or removed by care organisations, and are therefore seen as an accurate and honest portrayal of UK care homes. This also ties in with one of Greensleeves Care’s core values of openness, whereby the charity strives to build trusting relationships by using words and actions that are sincere, not misleading.

The fact that Speirs House was one of only 3 non-profit care homes in this top 20 listing is certainly something to celebrate, as charity organisations are often overlooked in favour of homes operated by private companies which saturate the market.

The reviews are often heartfelt and personal from family members of residents, for example the below 5-star review was posted to carehome.co.uk in June 2021:

“Speirs House is a very special place due to all the staff who work there in every capacity from the manager, nurses, carers, hospitality staff, office staff to the maintenance staff. Our family have the greatest admiration for them all, and we will always be in their debt for the care and love they gave [my mother-in-law] and us throughout her time there.”

Devon Baker, Divisional Support Manager for Speirs House, said:

“It is a great honour to have been named one of the Top 20 Care Homes in London. The carehome.co.uk platform is a great source of motivation for our frontline colleagues at Speirs House, as the positive reviews really reaffirm the great job that they are doing day in, day out.”

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