It’s no secret that moving into a care home is a huge life change; one that many people find difficult to adjust to. This can be particularly true when an older person is also faced with having to leave their partner behind.

Often, when one person within a couple has extra care needs, their partner might take on a caring role, but this can be a huge responsibility that is not sustainable long-term.

Many couples are now making the choice to move to a care home together, even if their care needs are different, as staying together is the most important thing to them. Couples have the choice to share a room that has been specifically designed for two people, or to have separate rooms. The latter choice is often made when two people have differing care needs, and it ensures that these needs can be met, whilst allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their lives together within the home.

The mental health benefits that this option provides are invaluable, particularly when a couple has lived together for the majority of their lives, as it maintains a sense of familiarity in the midst of such a huge life change.

One such couple, Colin (86) and Bobby (88) Brook, are currently living together at Lavender Fields, a Greensleeves Care home in Sevenoaks, Kent. The couple have been married for 63 years and have now lived together at Lavender Fields for 7 months.

Although Colin and Bobby maintain their independence for the most part, they require some support with carrying out day-to-day tasks, particularly as Colin has a long-standing back injury which has reduced his mobility in recent years.

The couple have had to spend time apart previously, with Bobby staying in the family home whilst Colin received medical treatment elsewhere. Although this separation was temporary, the couple decided that if they ever had to move to a care home, they would move together.

Diane Nolan, Activities Co-ordinator at Lavender Fields, said:

“Bobby and Colin are happy to be residing at Lavender Fields, as it provides them with the security of assisted living but also enables them to remain living as a couple, as they have done for so many years.”

Bobby reflects on the decision to move to Lavender Fields with Colin, saying:

“If we had not been able to find somewhere to live together, we would have stayed in our own home, and we would possibly have struggled to cope, as we would not want to be apart.”

Greensleeves Care offers a discounted rate to couples who move into any of their homes (subject to availability) and warmly welcomes couples of all genders and sexual orientations, ensuring everybody’s right to be free of discrimination and prejudice.

The charity also has a Home for Life Policy, whereby if you or your loved one(s) ran out of money whilst in our care, they would never be asked to leave the home.

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