The Greensleeves Care approach

Greensleeves Care approach is genuinely different to many other organisations and we are rightly Nursing care at Glebelands in Wokinghamproud of that. The only reason we exist is to support our residents and make their lives better, and we never forget this. Many people claim to be different, but to us it is not a marketing by line, it is a way of life and it can be felt in our homes from the moment you walk in.

The Greensleeves Care approach makes it an absolute privilege and honour to support older people, keep them safe and make each day special. We are a charity that truly believes we exist simply to help older people live well and enjoy life. Greensleeves Homes Trust, operating as Greensleeves Care, is a not-for-profit organisation. This means that all of our focus is on helping older people. We do not have shareholders or investors to keep happy so everything we do is focused on our residents.

Greensleeves Care is a charity

Being a charity means we have specific charitable objectives to help older people enjoy the best possible care. Whether that is supporting an older person move into one of our care homes, or helping them with an alternative. That could be a competitor’s care home or an alternative care option such as domiciliary care or a hospice.  We are happy to guide, advise and support families to find the perfect solution for their individual care needs.End of Life Care

Greensleeves Care has a number of newsletters and information sheets that are available to help inform and support people. They will help identify the best possible solution for your unique circumstances and then how best to achieve that solution.  Subjects are diverse covering a range of topics including:

  • ‘Is my mum/dad entitled to Continuing Health Care funding?’
  • ‘How to find the right Dementia Home?’
  • ‘What does a CQC Report mean?’
  • ‘How do I fund care while I sell my house?’
  • ‘How can I keep my mum at home longer as her dementia progresses?’

If you want to look at any of these or indeed any of our other information please look at Greensleeves Care blogs.

Visiting a Greensleeves Care home

Further to reading our website, we also suggest that you visit one of our care homes with absolutely no obligation. This will allow you see if we are right for you or whether you should be looking for something else. If we are not the right home and cannot meet your needs we will support you to find an alternative.

Greensleeves Care has one of the highest Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance records of any organisation in the country. We also have one of the best scores from the Independent Your Care Rating. We have been rated as the best care home operator in the East of England and in the South East by Which? Consumers’ Association.

Impartial advice

If you want some help or advice on the most appropriate place for your loved one then get in touch today. Simply search for your closest Greensleeves Care home, give them a call and ask to speak to the Manager who will give you impartial advice and guidance about the care they provide.

Remember we are a charity, we do not worry about making a profit but we do worry about making a difference. So you can rely on us to do our best to help.