Physiotherapy at Gloucester House

At Gloucester House we are proud to offer a genuinely unique care service within the local area that really sets apart the home, the care our residents receive and the outcomes that they enjoy. We are partnering with the most respected and trusted physiotherapist team in Sevenoaks to support our residents to live the most positive independent and happy lives they possibly can.

Access to physiotherapy at Gloucester House is provided by Neurorehabilitation Kent Limited (NRK), an exceptional local independent physio provider. Every physiotherapist that visits Gloucester House is highly trained, highly experienced and HCPC registered and are members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

The team for NRK are specifically recruited for their positive approach, kind manner and nurturing personality. They all understand the importance of remaining active and mobile as part of a holistic approach to promoting well-being. They work in partnership with the care and nursing staff to fully assess the current and changing needs of the residents and then design a plan to meet those needs. The specific target for each resident will vary according to their personal circumstances and ambitions but will revolve around keeping them as active as possible.

This may involve advice to care staff around positioning, running group exercise sessions, accessing seating or other equipment, or working with individual residents to improve their mobility.

Why is physiotherapy important?

As people grow older their health needs change and they require a range of different services not previously required. Physiotherapy services will help our residents to recover from illnesses such as chest infections, falls and fractures, strokes and hospital admissions. The sooner we can get people moving again the better their chance of recovery and maintaining their independence.

In addition to running individual sessions with our residents, the physiotherapists provide training and support to our care homes staff so that they too can assist with exercises during their daily interactions with the residents. This all helps in making life better for our residents.

Meet the Team

Elissa Benson MCSP

I have a special interest in the long-term management of neurological conditions in a community setting and a commitment to supporting individuals to remain as independent and active as possible. Outside of work I have a growing family and enjoy running and yoga.

Jane Cast MCSPJane Cast MCSP

I am passionate about supporting and enabling individuals with a range of neurological conditions to be the best they can be. I enjoy challenging clients towards achieving their specific goals. Outside of work my interests are yoga, travelling and cycling.

Paige BeathamPaige Beatham – Physiotherapy Assistant

I work alongside Elissa and Jane enabling people to integrate exercises into their daily routine. I am a great motivator and look to support everyone to achieve their full potential. In my own time I enjoy cooking, writing short stories and exploring the outdoors.