Home for Life is written above an outline of a house with a heart in the centre. A gold logo in the top right corner states 'Home for Life'


The Greensleeves Care Home for Life Commitment means that we never ask a resident to leave one of our care homes if it transpires that they have run out of money. This is often a great source of comfort both for people looking for a care home and for our residents who already live with us. We also believe that this policy provides extra reassurance for families whose loved ones have moved into one of our care homes

We believe in fairness and so do our families, but they also expect us to manage the charity in an equitable and sustainable way. That is why there are a small number of stipulations on our Home for Life Commitment:

  • They must complete a financial assessment form prior to moving in.
  • They must be honest about their financial position on that form.
  • There must be no financial mismanagement during their stay.

If you are considering one of our homes for yourself or a loved one, and would like any information or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all of our homes by clicking this link.

If you are looking for more general financial advice regarding paying for care, please visit our Advice Centre for free and comprehensive guides and articles.