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At Greensleeves Care we are doing everything possible to keep our residents and staff safe during these challenging times. During the height of the pandemic we took early and decisive action to protect and shield our residents. This involved stopping all but essential healthcare visitors and stopping the admission of new residents.

At every point we complied with or exceeded all advice and guidance provided by the Government and Public Health England. We have never been short of PPE and have consistently ensured that we have enough to cover every eventuality.

As the situation in the UK starts to improve and the Government is easing the lockdown,  we at Greensleeves Care are now admitting new residents to our care homes. We are doing so with the safety of our residents in mind and have put strict protocols in place to ensure we continue to shield our care homes.

  • New residents are required to undertake a Covid-19 test prior to admission and register a negative result.
  • Any new resident who registers a positive test will have their admission paused until they are no longer testing positive and register as negative for Covid-19.
  • Following admission all new residents will be shielded in their bedroom for 14 days, to protect them and their fellow residents.
  • A Covid-19 test will be organised as soon as possible following their admission.
  • All residents in our homes are regularly tested for Covid-19, if any were to test positive they would be shielded from the other residents in their bedrooms for 14 days.
  • Our residents are regularly checked for any symptoms of Covid-19, if any one of them was showing symptoms including a high temperature or cough they would be immediately shielded in their rooms for 14 days and re-tested.

These strict protocols have provided a real sense of reassurance to both new and existing residents and their loved ones.