At Tickford Abbey, staff are striving to create a nurturing environment which promotes and enhances the comfort and wellbeing of residents, including those living with dementia. Residents are encouraged to form meaningful, positive companionships with other residents, visitors, volunteers and staff. These positive attachments give the residents a sense of inclusion and occupation. The use of TVs in communal areas was reduced on purpose to encourage friendships and conversations between the residents and to stimulate spontaneous activities.

Residents are also inspired to act as ‘table hosts’ at mealtimes. Staff enable residents to help one another during this important social time instead of denying choice and independence by doing the ‘task’ themselves. It is a simple idea, but this has given residents the opportunity to look out for their ‘buddies’ and support them.

Sahr Moseray, Home Manager at Tickford Abbey said: “Companionship is promoted every day at our care home and some residents enjoy helping one another or just holding hands and being together. Family time is encouraged with the home’s ‘open door’ policy for visiting by the relatives. Making relatives and friends feel at ease at Tickford Abbey further preserves and promotes attachment with the residents.”