The Manor Care Home in Old Windsor had some unusual guests last week thanks to Berkshire Reptile Encounters!

The residents of the Greensleeves Care Home met a wide range of reptilian friends, including a blue-tongued skink, a giant tortoise, bearded dragons and of course snakes, with the biggest one being a 15kg python!

Resident Cath Shaw (pictured) said of the experience:

I’ve held a little snake around my neck before but that was years ago and nothing like the ones that came here. I think I’m a lot braver now I’m older though, I would have never held them like this before!”

Nikki McCarthy, Activities Co-ordinator at The Manor, said:

“I honestly believe that you are never too old to try new things and a lot of our residents had never handled snakes or reptiles, so it was a great opportunity for everyone. It certainly created a very lively atmosphere and was an activity that was suitable for everyone, regardless of age, health, or ability.

Animals, even the scaly ones, have a great way of making a connection with residents in a way that the team cannot always do, which is why I think experiences like this are so vital.”

Nikki continued to say that Graham from Berkshire Reptile Encounters was incredibly knowledgeable about each animal, explaining how they were all rescued, their life story, names, ages, and everything the residents wanted to know.

Most of the residents had a go at holding the animals, although understandably, not everyone was brave enough to hold the 15kg python! Even the staff got involved, in what was quite an unusual work day!

The team and residents at The Manor would like to extend their thanks to Berkshire Reptile Encounters for a brilliant experience.

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