At Greensleeves Care, we are a diverse community of residents, staff, volunteers and relatives. Along with the public, we have been deeply affected by recent events stemming from the brutal death of an unarmed man, George Floyd, at the hands of Minneapolis Police and captured on video.

The reality of police brutality, discrimination and structural racism has been brought into sharp focus: prompting a global response of protest across many countries and gaining major visibility for the issue on social media.

The senior management team stands firmly against racism. As an organisation, we grieve for all those who have lost their lives to this form of injustice. We stand in unity with victims of discrimination; those who are attacked, singled out and weighed down by oppression because of the colour of their skin.

We recognise that racism is not confined to acts of verbal and physical violence; it is the ideology that underpins many systems that unfairly impact people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

These inequalities are all too visible in the toll COVID-19 is having on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK. More than 90 per cent of healthcare professionals who have died from the virus to date are from a BAME background. Recent research suggests the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to disproportionately impact on BAME healthcare workers and the communities they serve.

We stand in unity with black colleagues and the black communities in the UK, America and around the world and renew our commitment to bringing about the change needed to eradicate racism and discrimination, and to promote fairness and equality in all its forms.

In this moment the issue of race has a global stage. We support the collective voice, across races and generations, raising awareness of racial injustice and calling for change.

We encourage you to take action to support the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

 Sign petitions and donate

Every signature represents another voice saying the situation cannot be ignored. You can also support those who tragically lose loved ones to pay for funeral costs and donate to charities and organisations actively fighting against racial injustice. Find out more about how you can support #BlackLivesMatter.

 Support your colleagues

This is an emotional and traumatic experience, and you should be mindful of the toll this may be taking on colleagues, so have open conversations and provide material support for each other.

Be vocal

To understand is the beginning, to act is the result.

“Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And that’s the only way forward.” – Ijeoma Oluo

Be informed

Speak to people and recognise what you don’t understand and be willing to learn.