In January Ron Stacey celebrated his 100th birthday party at St Cross Grange attended by family, friends, staff and the Mayor of Winchester. Ron enjoyed a sip of brandy and cut a cake which was made especially for him. Ron had been a Brother at the Hospital of St Cross, a charity providing sheltered accommodation for 25 elderly men. Brother Andrew made the cake for him.

Ron was born during World War on 1 January 1917 in Catford, Essex. He grew up in Bournemouth and in his youth was a keen cyclist participating in competitions and winning many races. During World War 2 Ron was an instructor after unsuccessfully trying to be conscripted to fight abroad. After the war he brought up a son and a daughter. When he retired in 1984, Ron decided to move to Winchester and he became a Black Brother at the Hospital of St Cross. He subsequently became a Senior Brother. When his health deteriorated in December 2014, he left the Hospital of St Cross moving to Devenish House. This home was managed by St John’s Winchester Charity.

In December 2016, Ron became a resident of St Cross Grange, Winchester which is just a short walk from the Hospital of St Cross. Ron was very happy to stay in the area. His children now live abroad, his daughter in Germany, and son in America. They visited Ron on his 100th birthday on 1 January. Ron says time passes too quickly and he believes the secret to his good health is not worrying about age. It seems to be working for him!