Moving into a care home

Like many big changes in life, starting a new school or job, retiring, moving house, there is a sense of worry about the unknown. A care home move can in many cases be even more worrying. Like all of these other life changes, the better informed and prepared you are, the smoother the move to a care home will be.

Here are the key things you need to take with you:

  • Clothing – no need to take everything on the first day, moving into a care home can be scary without emphasising it is for ever
  • Personal items – you need to bring enough to make it homely but, like clothes, it is OK to gradually add over time
  • Medication – care home staff can only give prescribed medication so ensure all tablets are in their original boxes
  • Signed contract and initial payment – it is important that you have a contract signed; it is a CQC requirement and protects the home and the resident
  • LPA – If you are acting as an attorney, the home will need to see the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) otherwise, by law, they are not allowed to let you make any decisions for the resident.

To help you with the move to a care home, we produced Moving into a care home – checklist.  Please print it out to ensure that you have all the essentials when you are planning your move.

Also, find out what options to consider when paying for care.

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