Mary and Joyce were born in adjoining houses in the summer of 1939 in Ipswich. The two girls were joined at the hip from the moment they could walk and talk, spending their childhood days playing together in the streets.

“We both became pretty good at climbing in and out of each other’s windows” said Joyce. “Our parents never did find out!”

As they grew up, and moved to different areas of Ipswich, the two still saw each other often. Mary went on to marry Raymond and had two daughters, Linda and Susan. Joyce married Zoltan (known as Zollie) and had a son, Nicholas. Sadly, Zollie passed away when Nicholas was only three years old.

Mary was a huge source of support to Joyce and Nicholas at this time, were never lonely. Mary often invited them to her home, and would regularly take her family to visit Joyce and Nicholas. Both families enjoyed many happy days at Joyce’s caravan in St Osyth in Essex, with the children becoming firm friends too.

Later on in life Joyce lived with her partner Skip, until he sadly passed away. Mary once again was Joyce’s support with Ray being the faithful taxi driver! Joyce remained in the home she shared with Skip for many years until recently. Both Mary and Joyce have suffered highs and lows throughout their lives, but they have always been there for each other.

Mary and Ray moved into Henley House in June 2022 where Joyce became a regular visited, driving there most weeks to visit them, including for Friday fish and chips together.

Joyce became unable to live on her own in the Summer of 2023 and she moved into a care home on a temporary contract. Both Mary and Joyce’s family decided if they were both in a care home, they deserved to be in the same one. After being on Henley House’s waiting list, Joyce eventually moved in with her best and life-long friend Mary on the 20th November 2023. They can now spend all of their days together, looking at photos and reminiscing over the past 84 years of memories they have shared.

Mary said: “In 84 years, we’ve never had a falling out. Not yet!”