Dementia and happiness: can people with dementia live a fulfilled life?

A common worry for people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia is that they will lose the essence of who they are. That is, they fear that the dementia will change who they fundamentally are as a person.

This worry is perfectly understandable, however one thing to try and remember is that the dementia is something you have, not something you are. This is helpful for family members to remember as well, particularly if your loved one with dementia is exhibiting behavioural changes that don’t align with their usual personality.

One important thing for living well with dementia is to stay social, and make sure you/ your loved one does not become isolated. There are support groups and social groups particularly aimed at those living with dementia, most likely there is one in your local area, and this can be a great way to build relationships with people who understand what you are going through.

An important factor in living a fulfilling life with dementia is maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, as a decline in healthy living can have a knock-on effect on your dementia symptoms. Drinking enough fluid, eating a balanced diet, and getting outside for some exercise are simple but effective ways to stay healthy. Additionally, be aware of your/your loved one’s mental health, as depression can be quite common in people living with dementia. Be sure to speak to a doctor, or a counsellor, if you think your mental health is worsening.

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