Career development at Greensleeves Care

Dedicated Staff at Greensleeves CareWe believe in the career development of our dedicated colleagues across all care homes and support functions in Greensleeves Care.  We know that some people do not always want to strive for promotions and career development.  And we know that some people don’t want want to develop their careers now but may want to in the future. However, for those who do we have a fantastic history of supporting many people to do exactly that.

Greensleeves Care has more than 1,200 employees across more than 20 care homes and a number of support functions.  The staff turnover at Greensleeves Care is significantly lower than most other care organisations. Indeed, we have many people that have been with us for many years. In one home we have a family where a mother and her two daughters have completed 100 years of dedicated service between them.

Of course, that is an exception rather than the rule but we do enjoy genuinely good retention of our colleagues. This is partly because of the excellent benefits that our staff enjoy but also the excellent Greensleeves Care career progression.

A history of career progression

Many of our Senior Carers and Team Leaders have enjoyed promotions after starting their career as Care Assistants. The exceptional training and support they have received has enabled them to take on ever greater responsibility and develop.

Many of our Deputy Managers have had promotions from more junior roles from within other Greensleeves Care homes. Some of these promotions have taken place within the same home and some have transferred to other Greensleeves Care homes. The development has not ended there, more than 20% of our current home managers have been promoted within Greensleeves Care.

Almost every member of the support team at Greensleeves Care has worked as a care home manager. Many of these as Home Manager within Greensleeves Care we are proud of our history of promotion and development.

Looking for a new career?

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