At Greensleeves Care, we are proud of our record of creating innovations in the care of older people.  Indeed, many other charities and care companies consider Greensleeves Care to be an innovative and forward thinking organisation.  We have built this reputation over 20 years of trying to make the lives of the older people better.  Many of our fellow care charities and companies are also innovating and harnessing new concepts and technologies. But we feel really proud that Greensleeves Care marries new innovations with traditional values ensuring we retain what made us good whilst continuously strive to get better.

Dementia Virtual Tour

The most innovative dementia training available today is the Virtual Dementia Tour.  This is a stunning experience based session providing candidates a genuine insight into what living with dementia is really like.  Many organisations dabble with this training and provide it to a very limited number of their senior team.  But, Greensleeves Care is one of the only organisations that commits to delivering it to all resident facing staff.

Some people describe this training as life changing and they always say they wish they had done it years ago.  The Dementia Virtual Tour is one of the things that really sets us apart when supporting people living with dementia.

Admiral Nurse

Greensleeves Care is incredibly proud to be one of the very first care providers to directly employ Steve Mason Greensleeves Care's Admiral Nursean Admiral Nurse.  Our Admiral Nurse has two main objectives:

Improve the quality of the dementia care within our care homes

Support the wider communities to make life better for people living with dementia

Admiral Nurses support and guide people to live well with dementia utilising their experience and skills.  Providing expert guidance, support, and assistance, that carers can actually implement as practical solutions making genuinely positive impacts on lives. Their unique dementia expertise and experience means contact with an Admiral Nurse can improve the lives of the individual. They ensure carers are empowered to support the residents with their dementia with more confidence and less fear.

Residents and relatives recruit new managers

Most people would agree that you need to ensure you get the right manager in the right home.  What is right for one home may not be right for another and who knows the homes best?

Our residents of course!

That is why during our Home Manager recruitment processes the residents and relatives of our care homes are actively involved in the process.  They are given plenty of time to get to know the candidates, question them and feedback their views to the Greensleeves Care’s senior management team.

Residents and relatives helping design our homes

Consulting with Residents We involve residents and their families in all key decisions made in our care homes.  This is not a clever marketing line which we put on our website -it is a way of life to us.

We have brought forward refurbishments, changed the very essence of the proposed refurbishment and even delayed or cancelled them following the feedback from the residents and their families.  This consultative approach is very different to many of our competitors whose corporate colours or branding excludes the people that live in the homes from commenting.

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