CHC assessment process

Because Greensleeves Care is a charity, founded on the principle of helping older people, we can offer support and guidance without fear or favour.

We don’t care about making a profit but we do care about making a difference, so as long as we help nice older people and their families find the right care solution for them, we don’t mind if it is with us or not.

Home Care

For many people the idea of receiving care at home is better than moving into a care home. Everybody is different so consider the following to see which is best for you:


  • Staying in your own home may feel very important
  • You may feel a bit more independent
  • A few visits a day may be all you need to stay safe and well
  • Home care is cheaper than moving into a care home
  • You may want to continue doing your own chores


  • Carers only available at the set times they visit
  • People sometimes remain feeling lonely and isolated
  • Carers can get stuck with other clients and can be late
  • You still have a house to run and bills to manage
  • Families remain worried when their loved one is on their own

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