Greensleeves Care's CEO chairs ISO conference

Greensleeves Care chief executive, Paul Newman, has chaired the fourth international meeting of the international standards committee (ISO) on Ageing Societies in Sydney, Australia.

The event ran from 11 to 15 November and brought together leading experts from industry, government and academia across 37 countries. In addition to leading the UK delegation, Paul Newman is a technical expert in the field of dementia-inclusion and chaired the main plenary session.

The dual focus of the meeting was to develop global standards in two key areas: dementia-inclusive communities and age-inclusive workforces. The conference also considered an update on a new international standard aimed at creating carer-inclusive and accommodating employers and organisations.

Paul Newman said: “As a result of increased life expectancy, ageing societies have emerged in many countries.

While this presents a number of challenges, such as increased pressure on health and social care systems, there are likely to be opportunities that will allow people to effectively manage their long term care and live a high quality of life independently from traditional care settings for a sustained period.

Innovation is needed to drive these changes. The new standards we are setting will provide a way of setting out the principles for delivering the new products, services and solutions that will meet the future needs of our ageing societies in a new environment. “

On Wednesday 27 November 2019, Newman has been invited by The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) to represent the UK at the launch of a new mentoring programme by Federal Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians, the Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck.