Greensleeves Care has achieved a gold rating in WorkL’s ‘Employee’s Voice’ Best Workplace Awards 2022.

The awards are issued as a result of colleague engagement questionnaires which detail everything from overall workplace happiness, wellbeing risk and confidence in management to diversity and inclusion scores.

Highlights from Greensleeves Care’s results include an overall workplace happiness score of 80%, against the industry standard of 70%, as well as 94% of colleagues agreeing with the sentiment ‘I do something worthwhile’ and 92% agreeing with ‘I feel proud to work for my organisation.’

Mental health is another area highlighted in the report, and one that Greensleeves Care has prioritised in recent years. Leading mental health and wellbeing app, Thrive, is in place for all colleagues to access free and confidential support as often as they need. Greensleeves Care’s overall ‘wellbeing risk’ score is 17%, which sits well below the sector average of 35%.

The awards also allow insights into areas for improvement for the organisations involved. With 70% of Greensleeves Care’s colleagues agreeing that they are being developed in their careers, the organisation aims to build on this by continuing paid training for all colleagues; as well as fostering a culture where individuals are recognised and nurtured as they progress in their careers.

Paul Newman, Chief Executive of Greensleeves Care, said:

“It is wonderful to see that we are successfully engaging colleagues and ensuring they are happy, inspired and motivated in the workplace. Openness is part of our organisation’s ethos and we are constantly encouraging constructive feedback from colleagues across our homes and head office to enable us to develop and improve.

The fact that this award is the result of direct and honest feedback from colleagues is the highest praise we could ask for.”

Greensleeves Care homes are recruiting new team members. For details about vacancies, visit our careers page: