Finding the right care home

Finding the right care home is a difficult and emotional process.  When considering which home is best for you or your loved one you should search for homes in the most appropriate area. Where that ideal location will be will primarily be based upon the individual resident and their unique circumstances. It will depend on whether they have a living spouse, children or other close family members. You will need to consider who will visit the resident most often and how easy each family member can travel.

You will also need to consider what type of care you need is it 24-hour nursing, dementia-care or residential-care. If you are unsure then feel free to contact any Greensleeves Care home and ask for advice.

In addition to managing more than 20 exceptional care homes across the country we are also growing. We are achieving this growth by acquiring excellent care homes across England; providing they meet our exacting standards. We are also building our own homes and are starting to develop a relationship for excellence.

At any time given time we will have a number of different homes at different stages of development. To find out more about any individual care home that we are building please click onto the New Developments Page.

Living Among Friends is the central theme of all of the care homes that we build.

Personal care at Greensleeves CareGreensleeves Care is dedicated to developing the very best quality homes for our residents. We utilise the latest research and design techniques along with the best possible technology. And we do all this whilst staying true to our history and values that places our residents at the heart of all we do. “You’re among friends” is not just a mantra it is a way of life at Greensleeves Care. It is as true in our brand new homes as it is in the ones that have been delivering amazing care for the last 20 years.

We have some exceptional experience within the senior team of building and opening new homes. We combine this knowledge with Greensleeves Care’s long-established focus on delivering exceptional care. Although our new homes do feel luxurious this is not our primary focus. Instead we concentrate on ensuring our residents feel at home, are comfortable and safe at all times.

All our homes have the facilities you would expect such as spacious en-suite bedrooms, landscaped-gardens and relaxing lounges. In addition, our new build homes also enjoy state-of-the art cinemas, hair salons, nail bars and therapy rooms. They have lifestyle kitchens for baking and cooking and boutique cafés to relax and socialise with loved ones.

Being good neighbours

Greensleeves Care only build our new homes where there is a proven and vital local need for care. We make conscious choices to add to local communities driving forward our charitable mission to support older people. As you would expect from one of the country’s most respected care charities, we are committed to being good and respectful neighbours.

As well as providing almost 100 new jobs, each of our homes work with local groups, entertainers and schools. These relationships with the local communities add real value to the activities and lifestyle choices we provide to residents.

Greensleeves Care homes

If you are busy finding the right care home now and would like to know which of our Homes is closest to you click on Greensleeves Care homes locations.