Staff and residents at Harleston House recently donned their party hats for beloved resident Topsy’s 100th birthday.

Topsy started off her big day with global birthday wishes: her son lives in Australia and could not be here in person, so her family in Oz joined in the celebrations via video call. Topsy opened her presents that her family had sent her while they all raised a glass to her 100 years.

Topsy’s Harleston House family then presented her with a beautiful gold watch, as her previous watch had recently broken due to its being 45 years old! This was a very special moment, and quite fitting to commemorate such a special occasion. After all, you’re only 100 once!

The partying lasted all day, with singing, dancing, party games, and of course, a lovely cake to share amongst everybody.

As is the custom when turning 100 years old, Topsy received a telegram from Her Majesty the Queen. Upon seeing the photograph of the Queen on the front of the card, Topsy joked “That’s me after I have had my hair done!”

Everybody enjoyed a buffet-style lunch, and of course, a glass or two of fizz was necessary for the occasion.

Topsy said of her birthday, ““I have had a wonderful day, I am so lucky to have friends here”.