Eric Robertson, 82, has lived at Grosvenor House in St Leonards-on-sea for five years. He spoke to us about his experience prior to moving to the home, and how he is getting on today.

“I have limited movement in both arms, and arthritis affecting both kneecaps. Before I moved to Grosvenor House, I was struggling to cope on my own at home. I was only able to move freely around one room, and I had a vitamin D deficiency as I was not able to get outside much.

My grandson was the one who suggested I move into a care home. He visited me one day and said “Grandad, you can’t stay like this” and he was right. He saved my life, bringing me to Grosvenor House.

Grosvenor House was recommended to me as my brother was also in a Greensleeves Care home, and my niece worked for the organisation as well.

I came to the home in wheelchair, and within four weeks I was walking about with a frame. I have been able to walk all round the gardens here- to the seafront, where I often sit and sketch. I have always been a keen painter, since the age of four, and my room here is the perfect studio.

I’ve had a very interesting life so far. I worked in the film industry as a cameraman and later as a director of photography, the second most important person on a film set after the director! I always knew I wanted to go into the film business. When you’re doing what you love, you don’t feel like you’re working. I think anybody can do it!

No two days were the same throughout my long career, but no two days are the same now! Everything I have ever wanted to do in my life, I am still doing here today. There are times where I am in a euphoric state here, I’ve been given a new lease of life.

My best piece of advice is: “If you want to be a happy person, live now, don’t live yesterday, don’t live tomorrow. This moment now is all we have.”