Buckler’s Lodge Care Home in Crowthorne held a surprise awards evening earlier this month, which saw residents winning awards from ‘most compassionate’ to ‘biggest film fanatic.’

Residents’ friends and families were invited to watch the ceremony at the Greensleeves Care home, which was held in the home’s bistro area, adorned with a red carpet and stage.

Aimee Hallcup, Activities co-ordinator, said:

“Our residents were all thoroughly surprised by the event, many even cried happy tears when receiving their awards!”

Now approaching its first anniversary, Buckler’s Lodge welcomed its first residents in March 2022: married couple Peter and Gwenda, who respectively received the ‘most insightful’ and ‘most punctual’ awards at the event.

Rachel, on receiving the ‘best dressed’ award, said in her speech:

“Wow, I didn’t expect this, I’ve never received an award before! Thank you for nominating me and for coming.”

Another resident, Christine, said “the staff are the ones that deserve the awards.”

The only mishap, a broken wine glass, proved to be a comedic moment as Keith, a resident, said: “it wouldn’t be an awards ceremony without some broken glass.”

Debbie Rapson, Home Manager, said:

“The idea for the awards came about as we wanted to celebrate our residents and show our appreciation. Whilst it is our job to care for our residents and brighten their days, they often don’t realise how much they brighten our days in return.”

“We have built a lovely community of residents during the home’s first year, which continues to grow, and we wanted to acknowledge this. From ‘most creative’ and ‘most kind’ to ‘best sense of humour’ and ‘making the best floral displays’ – each resident brings their individuality to the home and this is something we celebrate in our approach to care.” 

The full list of winners is as follows:

Best smile – Beryl

Best hair – Betty

Most punctual – Gwenda

Best singer – Janet

Most kind – Jean

Most creative – Jean

For always wearing the most colourful clothes – Keith

Best sense of humour – Laurene

Most warm-hearted – Maureen

Biggest film fanatic – Neil

Most compassionate – Pam

Most insightful – Peter

Best dressed – Rachel

Most caring – Stella

Best floral displays – Christine

Best newcomer – Betty