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Eden Alternative

As an organisation, Greensleeves Care is constantly adapting to meet the needs of our residents. We are proud to have successfully introduced the Eden Alternative approach to care, which has allowed us to improve the quality of life for residents in all of our homes.

The Eden Alternative introduces a set of principles which provide a framework to transform traditional approaches to care into the creation of communities where life is worth living and where older people can thrive. It achieves this by focusing on what are referred to as the three plagues of old age: loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

At its heart, the Eden Alternative seeks to combat loneliness through companionship, creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals and children. It seeks to fight helplessness through the acts of giving and receiving care the way our residents have done throughout their lives. And finally it seeks to defeat boredom through variety and spontaneity in everyday life and activities no matter how big or small these activities may be.

The Eden Alternative demonstrates how true companionship, the opportunity to give meaningful care to older people, and the variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment can succeed where pills and therapies fail.

Staff who have been educated in the philosophy have had the opportunity to experience and explore what older person may feel like when they need care and support in order to live a meaningful life. The staff are then asked to come up with appropriate caring strategies. With this insight and knowledge they are able to support individually designed care plans for each resident that goes beyond everyday requirements to ensure all the elements of wellbeing are met. Our staff are dedicated to this philosophy and strive to ensure that all of our residents are treated with the utmost dignity and respect in all aspects of their daily lives.