My name is Maria Baughurst and I welcome this opportunity to introduce you to my home. I am the manager of Croxley House, a 31 bed care home. My team is split into carers, domestic staff, kitchen staff and maintenance, and I am truly proud of them all. We are all only too aware that this home belongs to our residents, we are purely their guests, it is our job to make their stay as happy and as contented as we can. Their rooms are kept well maintained clean and welcoming with as many of their own possessions as we can reasonably keep in their rooms, we have regular residents meetings to ensure their wishes and requests are discussed and implemented wherever possible. Their likes and dislikes about food and drinks are well documented and adhered to.

Activities play a very important part in our daily routines and again we try to be as varied as we can, with basics like bingo and word games right up to outside entertainers and visiting drama groups. We have a modern mini bus which we use to take our residents out and about when ever we can, and again all their likes and dislikes are discussed at residents meetings, popular entertainers are quickly invited back.

Regular staff meetings at all levels are again used to keep all the staff informed of residents needs and any requests. The outcome to our CQC inspection that took place in the home in June 2016 was very good. As long as our residents are happy so are we. The home ensures at all costs that we provide each resident we a detailed plan of care which is compiled with the help of the resident so that they are involved with all their care needs. Myself and my team work very hard to give our residents the very best quality of life.