We sum up our Speirs House philosophy in our efforts to do all we can to have happy residents, happy staff and happy relatives. Key would be a therapeutic environment, a well-developed, innovative team, opportunities for fun and meaningful activities and opportunities to grow and extend oneself no matter our age!

Our responsibility as caregivers is to facilitate, to make ourselves available and to be creative. We need to be up to date with our training and thinking, and need to be able to network with other carers in our community.

Skilled and confident nursing staff

Nursing the Elderly is a specialist field, and skilled and confident nursing staff are essential, particularly in the age where care is becoming community-based. The benefits of investing in Nursing (and other) staff become very apparent to residents, relatives, other staff and the community.

I have been involved in caring for the elderly since about the age of 16 and have given much consideration to what we do and how we do it. For a home to be successful we need to have less ‘I’ and more ‘we’, and we need to forget about ‘arriving’, but concentrate more on enjoying the journey! Caregivers are really in a very privileged position.