Hello, I am Eleanor, Home Manager of Viera Gray House in Barnes.

I am a passionate and dedicated individual with a career spanning over 15 years. Prior to being appointed as Home Manager, I held a role of Deputy Manager at Viera Gray House.  I am therefore familiar with the care home, the residents and the staff.

I embrace change for progress and I am constantly furthering my education to increase my skill set and stay current to the industry.

I am driven to make the home I manage, fun, safe and relaxed, while ensuring the residents are able to continue to live their lives as close to how they may have done so in the community.

Person-centred care is of high importance to myself and the team and I believe everyone is entitled to their own choice. At Viera Gray House we always ensure we tailor our care to meet the needs of each individual and allow everyone to express themselves freely without judgement.

“I contacted the Viera Gray home on behalf of a client, seeking residential care and personal company. Upon contact the manager Eleanor, was extremely helpful and very professional.  Thank you very much for your valued experience and assistance”.  Ann Hayward, Care Adviser, Trusted Care