Dementia Admiral Nurse

Steve MasonSteve Mason, Greensleeves Care Admiral Nurse, provides specialist support and advice to families and friends of our residents with regard to many aspects of dementia care. This is in addition to support and advice he offers to staff at Greensleeves Care homes.

He is supported in his role by the national charity Dementia UK who partner with Greensleeves Care to maintain his service.

If your loved one lives with dementia, you may have questions with regard to changes in your loved one as their dementia progresses, or you may need some support and advice during periods of transition such as when your loved one is first admitted into a care home. Speaking to someone who has experience of the situations you may be facing can often help you to cope with these often-distressing experiences.

Should you feel that you would benefit from speaking to Dementia Admiral Nurse, please contact Steve Mason via e-mail  providing a brief outline of your enquiry and your contact details. He will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.