#Present Under Every Tree

Pease help our residents to raise £10,000 ‘To Put a Present Under The Tree’ of local children whose families have been financially disadvantaged by Covid-19.

This has been a difficult year for all of us, especially for the oldest and the youngest members of the community.

Many families have been hit hard by the financial impact of the pandemic and some parents will struggle to buy gifts for their children this year.

That’s why our kind-hearted residents and staff are calling on you to help them ‘To Put a Present Under The Tree’ of those local children who may otherwise have to go without.

Christmas Day should be the most magical time of the year for every child, and you can help us do that for youngsters in our community.

Our residents and carers want to raise £10,000 to buy a whole host of gifts, wrap them up and have them delivered to the local food bank where they will be distributed to the children across the area (by Father Christmas of course!)

We’ll be sharing pictures and videos of our lovely residents and staff setting up their own Santa’s Grotto, wrapping the presents and spreading a sleigh-load of festive cheer!

So many parents have lost their jobs and will have no spare money because of the steps we have all taken to keep everyone safe from Coronavirus and the resultant damage to the economy.

We believe that no child should wake up on Christmas Day to discover they were not on Santa’s “Nice List” just because their parents are struggling as a result of Covid-19.

Christmas Day should not be a reminder of how hard living below the poverty line in the UK can be for a child.

This year help our residents and our staff ‘To Put a Present Under The Tree’ of every child.

Please give generously so we can all make sure that every boy and girl feels special and happy on this most magical of days.

Thank you! (and Happy Christmas!)