Care Home in Waveney – Harleston House is rated “Outstanding for Care” by the CQC

Are you looking for exceptional Dementia Care Home in Waveney? Waveney is only 10 miles away from the exceptional dementia care home Harleston House, so one of the best dementia care homes in the UK is only a short drive away.

Care Home Waveney - Harleston HouseOne of the very few Care Homes in the country to be rated “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Comission (CQC).  This really sets the home apart and if you are looking for that great home that will not only keep your loved one safe but ensure he or she lives this next chapter of their lives with dignity, happiness and satisfaction then you should come and see us.

Greensleevses Care was named as the best Care Charity in the UK by Which? Magazine as a result of a combination of our CQC ratings and also the exceptional life our residents lead in our homes.  We are proud of all of our homes but we can all see how special Harleston House is.  Everything that happens in the home is done with the residents in mind and as often as possible with their involvement and personal choice.  When they need a bit of support to assist in that process we strongly encourage friends and family to join in.  It is a very inclusive process!

Many of our families and residents feel a quick 10 minute journey is well worth it for the lovely, homely Care Home Waveney Harleston House and happy atmosphere in the home and the unique setting that they enjoy.

Harleston  House is run by Greensleeves Care, one of the most respected care charities in the country, named as the best care charity in the UK in 2018 Which? Magazine.

Being a charity means that we do not make a profit and we do not pay any money to shareholders.  All the money we receive in care fees is spent on our residents, in making their lives better or improving the homes they live in.

If you want to know a little more about what makes Harleston House care home a bit different visit Harleston House webpage or for an informal chat about your loved one or about care in general call us on 01502 574889