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We take pride in the care and support that we provide for our residents and the comfort that gives family members and friends – and care awards are a pleasant independent acknowledgement of that.

We consider that providing great care to be our calling and purpose, so it is gratifying when external organisations notice what we are achieving and acknowledge it by giving us awards. Greensleeves Care home receive awards at both national and regional levels for all aspects of the service we provide for residents.

The Great British Care Awards, Laing Buisson, NAPA (National Activity Providers Association), The National Care Awards are just a few of the awarding bodies who frequently acknowledge the care and services at Greensleeves Care.

The awards cover many aspects of our service, celebrating our staff, the dignity and respect afforded our residents and their families, dining experience and nutrition, activities, the compassion and sensitivity of our end of life care and more.

We are understandably proud of what we achieve, year after year. Not least, because it is only an acknowledgement of what really matters: how well taken care of are our residents, how happy they are, and how we are contributing to their quality of life in a meaningful way every day.

Ask your local Greensleeves Care home about the awards it has received. They’ll be only too pleased to tell you more.