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As a charitable care organisation, we aim to set and maintain the highest standards of good practice within an environment that encourages residents to thrive as individuals and employees to fulfill their ambitions as caring professionals.

The charitable organisation has a proud heritage of public service. In 1997, Greensleeves Home Trust emerged from Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) whose uniform featured green sleeves – hence the name.

As a charitable trust, we are not-for-profit, so all funds available are invested back into our operations. It also means that, in our view, we can offer outstanding care and services to residents whilst charging comparatively modest fees.

We operate our homes in a transparent, open manner and we welcome visitors and inspections from all relevant regulatory bodies. As far as it is practicable our services are open to all older people who seek them. Admission is based on the particular home’s capacity to meet the assessed health, personal and social needs of the prospective resident.