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All our homes are of a high quality. Since we are a not-for-profit operator, any surpluses are reinvested back into the homes and care – keeping our standards high.

Our homes are all quite different from each other in terms of layout and design. There is no ‘standard template’ being followed in architecture or decor. Some of our homes appear quite grand (perhaps looking like a country house hotel), while others are more modern, bespoke buildings.

There is one thing that is guaranteed as standard at every Greensleeves Care home: the same feel and the positive atmosphere that greets you as you walk in. It is unmistakable. And it emanates from the people around you – both the staff and the residents. This, we profoundly believe, is the sign of an authentic, caring environment.

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Click on a red marker that appears closest to the location where you are looking for care, and the details of that home will be displayed to the right of the map. If you click the revealed panel, you will be taken to that home’s dedicated page on this website, where you will find more details about the home’s location, services and more.

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