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Respite care and short breaks

We offer the many opportunities for respite and short term stays at our homes, as room availability allows.

Shorter term stays can be arranged to give carers a well-earned break. Our homely surroundings are warm and welcoming. They are often seen as a refreshing break from a hospital-style environment. Respite care can also provide an ideal environment for people recovering from illness and wanting help to get back on their feet.

No compromise

There is no compromise for residents enjoying a short term stay at a Greensleeves Care home. They benefit from all the care, services, activities, entertainment and high quality dining that is available for all other residents.

With 24 hour care on hand, every day of the year, you can be sure that your loved one is in the best hands while you take a rest from being the primary carer.

Contact your nearest Greensleeves Care home and ask about availability for Respite care today.